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a simple study

So I started a Bible Study on Skype with some other awesome and like minded Christian gamers I know around the country. It’s really fun knowing others with the same interests who share your faith. They are my family. Some are closer than that.

This week we are reading II Chronicles 7. A chapter that I hold dear to my heart. One that I turn to often for encouragement as well as prayer. Reading it for probably the hundredth time, this sticks out to me: we don’t have to physically sacrifice animals for God to hear us and forgive us. All we have to do is humble ourselves, and genuinely seek Him. He will answer us. God is so awesome. He sent His son as our sacrifice so we don’t have to do that anymore. I for one am very thankful for this.

It’s something I would normally not pay much attention to, but He makes it so simple. It really makes me think twice when I say to myself, oh I don’t have time to sit and pray right now. Yes. Yes I do. I don’t have to put aside hours of my day to go and kill an animal so I can burn it. All I have to do is talk. That’s it! So why am I complaining? Why am I procrastinating?

<3 you all. Blessings!

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