a year later

Last year at this time I was excited to visit my sister in Colorado. It was my first time flying on my own and though I was a little nervous, I knew all would go well. After a short delay out of Minneapolis, I arrived in Denver a half hour behind schedule. I only got turned around in the airport like three times…it’s a cool airport but I had no clue where to go!

The entire time I was there I wanted to tell her she would be an aunt next year, but I had to keep it in. Abraham and I hadn’t told anyone yet, so I had to wait!

We had planned on going to Estes Park to enjoy some hiking and the scenery, but their VW had overheated not more than 20 mins after we left their place. A good friend of theirs ended up towing us back to the house, and Luke and I then spent some time trying to fix the car. Unfortunately it never worked correctly again, but we did have fun and I’ll never forget that trip!

This time around Caleb and I are having a nice relaxing time. Visiting a river that was full of ashes from the wildfires not long ago, walking to get frozen yogurt, and spending some time at the pool. The only reason we got to go to Colorado this summer is because our friend April had asked if I wanted to join her on a road trip. OF COURSE! :] (our car is definitely not road trip worthy anymore)

It’s so good to be back in Colorado, if only for a few days. I love visiting with my sister and brother in law. Caleb likes his aunt and uncle, and their dog Molly as well. He likes petting her and getting licked.

We are heading back home on Tuesday morning, then the husband, Caleb and I are off to Las Vegas in less than 48 hours. Busy summer!

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